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Remembering Dorothy Frost

The photo on the left is an Orion bus, which was part of Jefferson Transit’s fleet back in the late 1980s. Pictured standing in the door of this bus is JT driver Dorothy Frost. The bus photo was taken by Dorothy, who was an avid (and an award-winning) photographer; the second photo was taken by an unknown person using Dorothy’s camera. Both photos were provided by Dorothy’s sister, Shirley Otis, and used by permission.

DOROTHY ANN OTIS FROST, born on May 17, 1933, was hired by Jeff Hamm, general manager of Jefferson Transit, on April 4, 1983, as a driver. For the next 16 years Dorothy did what she loved best: driving a bus and talking with her passengers. She made that clear when she was interviewed for a history of Jefferson Transit on November 29, 2013:

I drove for Jefferson Transit for over 16 years, starting in 1983, when our ‘depot’ was on Monroe in the old brewery. At that time we checked our own oil, pumped fuel at several places along our routes, drove to Sequim and Brinnon, and in spite of our rather ‘primitive’ procedures, my feelings were (and still are) that Jefferson Transit is the best little transit in Small Town, USA. I’m now retired and it’s 2013. I miss the camaraderie with the drivers, the relationships built between my riders and me, the glorious sunrises on the morning runs, the activity on the Hood Canal Bridge when traffic was stopped for high-masted sail boats and submarines to pass through. (When JT made a pact with Kitsap Transit, we incorporated two-a-day trips to Poulsbo.) I loved that route and had it for 6-7 years. It would take a book to relate what I experienced and yes, loved about this job.

What Dorothy didn’t mention in her interview was how many sacrifices she made for her passengers, many of whom became something of an extended family for her. She didn’t tell about how she came upon an traffic accident on her run to Sequim and ended up saving a life with CPR. Dorothy’s compassion and giving was why, when she retired on June 24, 1999 the Port Townsend Jefferson County Leader ran a full page as a tribute, which the reporter titled “Driving With Dorothy”.

Dorothy Frost died on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, at her home in Port Townsend, Washington at age 84 after a long battle with cancer.

Dorothy Frost collection
This collection of Jefferson Transit service pins, the JT 10th- and 20th-year anniversary pins, and JT patch all belonged to Dorothy Frost.

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