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You see ‘em everywhere: Every minute of every day a legion of men and women out there driving buses up and down our streets & highways and all with one single purpose—to deliver millions of passengers safely and on time to a million destinations. Most do their job with skill and caring, which “ain’t” easy, considering the daily challenges that come with the territory. Despite the downside, it’s amazing how many rise above it all to become unsung heroes among us.

On August 16, 2017, our local community lost one of those unsung heroes with the sudden death of Jefferson Transit driver Alice Lane. In the weeks following her death countless passengers dealt with their grief by sharing their “Alice” tales with anyone who would listen. It was humbling to learn how many, many lives this gentle, compassionate person touched during her 21 years on the job. Hearing those stories brought to mind some of the wonderful public transit drivers I had known over my four-plus decades as a public transit advocate, many surely long gone from this life. And so, I decided to dedicate a page to the unsung heroes of public transit whose stories should be written down and preserved. That is the focus of this page.

My name is Darrell and I am asking you to share your stories and mementos of the “unsung” transit heroes you have known. Your efforts will be much appreciated! 

(The above artwork is a pen & ink drawing created by the late Alice Lane. It depicts the Jefferson Transit (Port Townsend, Washington) Haines Place Park & Ride and was used as artwork on the cover of a 2010 Jefferson Transit schedule. It is used here by permission.)

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