Owensboro, Ky. Transit History

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Among the hundreds of transit company histories outlined on this website, why does a transit history of Owensboro, Kentucky, rate its own separate page? It’s really quite simple. 

Owensboro is my hometown and I grew up there using city buses. More importantly, it was my experiences on those buses in the 1950s and 1960s that sparked my love affair with public transit—well, that and my Greyhound bus trip to St. Louis in the late 1950s, which I discuss on the homepage. So, Owensboro’s transit history holds a special place in my life, which is why it has its own special place on my website.

In 2019 I researched a wrote a 242-page history of public transportation in Owensboro and Daviess County, Kentucky, which covers a time period of some 141 years. The book has been published in both print and a PDF format, the latter being available to freely read on this website. 

Some of the histories covered in the book include: Owensboro City Railroad Company, Inc., Seven Hills Bus Line, The City Transfer Company of Owensboro, Kentucky, Inc., Owensboro Rapid Transit, Inc., Owensboro City Bus Lines, Inc., Owensboro City Transit Company, Owensboro Transit System, Owensboro Motor Transit Company, i.e., “The Big Yellow Bus,” Owensboro & Russellville Railroad, Owensboro & Nashville Railroad, Owensboro Interurban Lines, Inc., Grey Goose Bus Line, Red Goose Bus Line, Calhoun-Livermore-Rockport-Maceo-Owensboro Daily Bus Line, Owensboro-Whitesville Bus Line, Owensboro-Calhoun-Central City Safety Transit Company, Evansville & Ohio Valley Railway Company, Inc., Owensboro-Louisville Bus Line, Whitesville & Owensboro Bus Line, Owensboro & Beaver Dam Bus Line, Fuqua Bus Lines, Jones Bus Lines, Owensboro-Central City-Greenville Bus Line, Owensboro-Bowling Green Bus Line, L. W. Fuqua Bus Lines, Owensboro taxi, cab, transfer, hack & jitney companies, Owensboro ferries, Owensboro river transport companies, and a history of Frank Peter Sheehan, who was essentially the father of Owensboro commercial air travel.

So, if you’re ready to take a journey into Owensboro’s and Daviess County’s transit past, then click on the below book cover and read Meet Me at the Bus Stop: 141 Years of Public Transportation in Owensboro & Daviess County, Kentucky, 1878-2019! (The print editions are available at the Daviess County Library, Owensboro, Kentucky, and the Kentucky Library Research Collections, Western Kentucky University, Kentucky Building, Bowling Green, Kentucky.)


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